Reviews for "Heart Star"

That was fun! :D Was getting pretty annoyed on that final level, but... it was worth it! The level of challenge is pretty bearable too, it never reached the point where it was just so gruelingly difficult you left the game. Starts of easy, gets moderately difficult, gets skillfully difficult... though the order of movement is clever, that's never the real challenge, it's those jumps. Not jumping too far. Not too slow. Not too much. Love the graphics, love the music, love the entire pixel adventure. Nice work!


A great game, sadly it is a bit short which is expected from a Ludum Dare game, but still really good for one.

Pretty good!

The gameplay is great, fun and addicing, graphics really look like Game Boy Advanced, the music is relaxing, I like all of it. But I found 2 bugs, sometimes when I die, the music stops, and when I die again or finish the level the music comes back, and the second one is when I fall I get to the ground but the character is still on the falling position and can't jump then. Great job on this, good luck on Lundum Dare.

The jumping is a bit too floaty, but I love the idea and the style of it ^^