Reviews for "Heart Star"

One of the most wonderful games I've ever played in Newgrounds. Totally worth the 5 stars. Very beautiful how one character can't live without the other, like a love story, the difficulty is pretty good, for everybody to play, you don't need need to be a smartass to figure out the puzzle. The music suits for the game it's 8 bits and has a very good melody. Platformers are perfect games and Newgrounds needs more of them day by day, however what makes something valuable is its availability and because of the platform games not being very present in Newgrounds it makes this game special.
Also I loved the artwork, well made 8 bits is on of the most beautiful artworks for a flash game.
5 stars! This game is perfect!

really like this game brings back some good memories of oldschool games and the tone is really catchy! got othing more to say than fantastic

este juego deberia tener un modo para dos jugadores tanto en la misma pc
como online... por favor hazlo!!!!

I love it. It's so creative and adorable. I had a lot of fun playing this.

I really like the game. It's cute, challenging and very fun. The jump however bothers me a little. It's a little weird and it throws me off at times. Also for some reason it won't give me the medals for completing levels 15-20 and 20-25 despite the fact I beat all the levels and got the medal for clearing all the levels. I'm only going to take off half a point because as I said the game was so cute and fun that I don't mind playing those levels again. I just thought I'd bring up the issue with the medals though.