Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"

Nice little bit of entertainment.

I have played it many times... it's really fun. I thank you for making this game, and your series.


PS. Shut up Kaworu2!

It's a great game

It's a great game

amazing game! and very stylish

This game is tight but its too easy. Make it lil' harder. I dunno how to make gravity on flash though. Can you teach me how to do so? E-mail me SerjayStetsyuk@hotmail Thankz. Anyway nice game is num. 3 coming out? that'll be awesome if it did. Please make it harder if you do.

Great game!

This game is awesome, no doubt. I like how you changed things up, like the rings and the trash can, it was cool.

Terrorizer, you're an idiot. This game wasn't difficult, you just suck. And i don't give a shit if it was copied, it still owns.

Pretty Good

I like the concept but man i suck at this. A cool idea would be an option that would let you adjust the gravity for people that suck like me :)