Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"

kick ASS

very fun.

shut up Kluggyy

this game was great, it has nothing to do with physics realism. the chem bros rock. all my 5's


Hey this is a wicked game yo iv seen better but this is deffinetly the best one yet!!!@!!
PLS make gravity ball 3 and add 20 stages plus power ups and bonus rounds.
(and for all you cheaters the password is {skobydom}!!!!

I like!!!!

i can happily see myself at this all day until i beat it . is there, will there be more to come?
great work

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

possibly.. we're mainly focusing on our cartoons at the moment.

Great game!

This game is awesome, no doubt. I like how you changed things up, like the rings and the trash can, it was cool.

Terrorizer, you're an idiot. This game wasn't difficult, you just suck. And i don't give a shit if it was copied, it still owns.