Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"


You guys are awesome. This was my fave game when I was lil. but it's not exactly like Brickles/Breakout.


man its a great game but when i got in ''mixed up 3#'' i hat to press ''k'' but then it said i wass game over ;-(
<<nice game>>

((VOTED 5))

This was a great game. The whole gravity thing was a great idea and really payed off becasue without it this would just be another breakout game. The level designs were good and really adapted to the whole gravity thing. I think this game deserves a sequel.

EXTRA COMMENTS: Ya I said it. a sequel


awsome game

but my ball got stuck on like lvl 5 x.x


It's alot more difficult to play then the original "BreakOut" but that's not a bad thing.

Overall great game, All My 5 Are Belong To This.