Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"

good but hard

the level change evry time you beat it like basketball go to recycleing and it get harder evry time after a level


It was a good concept mixed with bad sound and okay gameplay. The layouts of all the levels were confusing, and it got even worse when you mixed everything together. I did like the basketball, trashball,etc. levels those were quite interesting. Here you go, I hand you one 6/10


cmon guys that was awesome!

got less creative on the names though as the game went on

Oh em gee.

That game was really
and I enjoyed it.
The difficulty was almost at a perfect level (at least for me), the graphics were well-made, and the different ball types were a nice added quirk, along with the gravity aspect.
Over all, this is a nice expansion to an old classic.

right well....

if you have six balls at the beging,how come i only have two all the time?LOL