Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"


interesting but plz take the the gray bar away ty

Your most popular stuff

The really weird thing about this is that these games have actually had a lot more views than the flashes you are really known for here (your TN series). This game really works because it is just so dang fun. It has really everything that you could want in a Javanoid/Araknoid game. The game itself was known for being simple and creative at the same time, which you guys displayed perfectly. I love the cybernatic sounds the ball makes by just bouncing. It's also cool to have a basketball themed level with infinite balls.

I'm sorry

I really wanted to like this game, but I really couldn't. It's sounds fine, isn't ugly or unattractive- just very frustrating. The gravity renders it nearly unplayable. You're right in that it's unique. But that "unique" aspect is... unpleasant.

not Bad

cool ! Notbad at all , remembering the most game have play very popular !

well ya know...

i wouldn't give it a 5