Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"


so that was a fun little game you have here, the idea of it is simple and the graphics are notbad at all, you have a nice fun game here, the ball bounces pretty good you made a fun and entertaining game here and this was one game that could go with some medals very well anyways nice game.

Some medals would be a plus


To think there was a time when you worked with games too. :) And not bad ones, either! Simple and addicting. Remember playing this one in particular quite a bit back in the day.

Now imagine this with some real highscores via the API,medals, possible integrated multiplayer...


first game.

Well it wasn't good for me. The gray bar really got in the way, so that we'd take 0.5 stars away. But the title is misleading = -2.5 stars. It's a ball, yeah. But what does it have to do with gravity? Seriously, having it to bounce like that is really annoying (-1 stars) and you're talking about gravity here, if something bounces, it will bounce less and then less. Not more and then more. This was kind of an "unique" idea but that idea really.. really really was a bad one. I'll give you 1 star for effort. Yeah, I didn't start off with five stars.

super gay

gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worst game ever (not really) heeh i liked it :D please take the gray bar away x]