Reviews for "Demon Blood"

A lot of effort went into this but you went beyond your limitations. I would find an artist and remake the game.

Lenke responds:

Story of my life...

This is not good.
The demon comes up to you too frequently and is absolutely annoying once you lost the light (which tends to disappear into oblivion from time to time - nowhere to be found anymore)
The light not dropped next to you when you got attacked by the demon? That's just bad and annoying as fuck (also: see bug with disappearing light).
It could be funny seeing the character doing moonwalk instead of turning around, but as you have to turn to drive the demon away...
BTW: What's with the dude's QWOP legs?!?
I don't even try to turn on the sounds. It's bad enough w/o anything else.
Altogether boring, repetitive, badly drawn, worst walking animation ever.

Lenke responds:

That's bad, I just want to scare you but you play with no sound, that's not fair xD!
yeah, I'm not an animator, sadly...