Reviews for "Demon Blood"

oh my god so cooooool and awesome i was scared like hell o_o

OH MY GOODNESS! That shit got me so many times I wanted to quit oh my you did a good job of trying to give someone a heart attack 5 stars right here I loved it

Lenke responds:


OH MY FUCKING GOD! This game scared me so fucking badly! D:


I fucking LOVE horror games due to how many of them like this one are done independantly! PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL! <3

Lenke responds:

mmm, I don't know just a few people understand my art...

The game is really Horror I like that screen But its some problems/when you need to get Combos they are very hard to control.

ok soooo no thank you DX...this game freaks the shit out of me the ambiance is so sinister but it gets me every time i love this game and highly recommend it