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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I really like new kinda of Idle games, this one is really broke the meta. But i had an issue after few hours of gameplay. My maximun amount of atoms was (random value only for analysis) 10, when i reached the maximun and tried to expand it, hoho, i needed 12... I couldnt figure out what i was suposed to do, everything got to expinsive to afford, no matter if i exchange an atom to another, i can bypass the capacity. I got stuck. 0 stars from me, this kanda of bug shouldnt ever happen.

NewProject responds:

You have an upgrade to active 2 slots to buy.
10 + 10 = 20
20 > 12
With near 200.000 plays you think you're the one who goes ahead? Then don't put a 0 stars if the game it's too complicated for you.

I would have rated it 5/5 stars... but my save game got broken and i got like everything unlocked, all achievements, infinnity ammout of all atoms... I was playing this for almost a week and wanted to get everything by myself and I got very addicted, but your new save system has broke my save game :/

NewProject responds:

You don't have the data to import it ?
Can you pm me, explaining what happen. You see the black screen with your savegame data and warning text about the new save system? Or you only see the main screen with "new game" button?
Please, add your OS and browser.

Perhaps you have the auto-play?

I'm really sorry.

I'm not really getting anything. Supposedly it loads up but all I get is a black screen and the title Idle Evolution, and that's it. You really have a serious problematic bug.

NewProject responds:

I upload a new version.
Can you pm me if you see the version number in the bottom left corner?

bet its an ok game if it did not continuously crash before the game can even start. good job

NewProject responds:

You can play this game in a dual core, perhaps you have some configuration problem.
Can you define "crash" ?
Black screen / browser alert / win error / ...

I can't play the game.. ;-;