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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

So I played the game for 2 hours, and then the next step is for me to "continue the game" 3 times. So I'm Logged in on Newgrounds as usual, I already left the game for 30m (due to the last challenge). I do it once... Then I close and reopen the game for the second time and...
THERE IS NO CONTINUE BUTTON anymore, only the "new game".
... Yes its the same browser, yes cookies and all... but it just erased my game.

NewProject responds:

I feel the trouble I've caused you.
I upload a new version where I detect if there are an error when save. The save button must change to red and a new popup appears.

Sorry to bother you, but could you test it? Start a game, click "save" and tell me if you see it in red.

By the way, if you want, now you can play using export/import.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Everytime I start the game I encounter a problem/bug: at first there's a black screen with the "Idle Evolution" title on and a long white bar below it, then the game loads the menu but buttons do not work, so I click on New Game or mute button and it doesn't work, same for the button for changing languages... Can anybody help me to understand if it's only me or if somebody had the same problem too and how to fix it? If this can help, I'm using Google Chrome.

NewProject responds:

Your loading process is really slow.
Try to play without any torrent client, antivirus, ...

In the 1st balck screen with title, I only parse the language file, if this take seconds this is a big problem because the normal is that the people don't see this screen.

Jesus this game is a disaster! How the hell it has such a high score? On chrome it runs like slideshow and when I click newgame some weird stuff is going on. Basically it looks like the new level is being loaded but the previous one(the very title screen) is still on screen and it merges into one graphics mess. Of course I can't do anything - buttons doesn't work, nothing responds.
So I tried the game in Firefox. This time there was no glitches but the game runs as a slideshow again, with idk? 5FPS? I tried Internet Explorer and got my hopes up because it was working fine, I even managed to harvest some atoms or w/e the thing you call it, but then it started all over again! I had to restart the browsers because it made my browser starts eating 99% of my CPU for some reason O_o
I tried turning my adblocks and what not - OFF but it didn't helped. Quite the opposite. In Firefox, the game started spamming me with all sort of medals and then after like 10sec when I was like WTF??? - the browser just crashed telling me an unexpected error happened or something. And so I lost all the tabs I had open at that moment - not cool >:(
When I came back none of that glitched medals were present in my account (which is kind a shame, I mean hey free medals lol). I thought maybe something is wrong with my setup but no. Yesterday at work, in the office i wanted to give it a try too, on a different setup. Same shit. We have newest Chrome in our office so this should be a cake walk, because HTML5 is native to Chrome.
I tried your solution with cache, cookies, changing HTTPS but nothing helps. And I am quite pissed, because all the other games on NG plays just fine - I have no slowdowns. Be it flash, unity or html5. This only happens with "Idle Evolution". Another interesting bug: when after all this i went cleaning my cache i've noticed that the cache your game left is over 300mb! O_O How is this even possible?!?!
Sorry bro, I really tried hard to play your game but it just won't let me :(
No hard feelings - fix your game and maybe I'll come back for another try.

every time i try to play it says im level 99 and i cant click anything.

Switching to another tab should NOT cut your production by 95%.