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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Interesting game, nice twist on the usual idle game. My main criticism is that it can be a bit jumpy when you're moving the extractors, particularly if you get them too close to one another. Makes it very hard to try and get 5 on one square when they keep jumping around or moving back to where they started from.

NewProject responds:

After a few levels, you can select a life bonus to reduce the extractors jump.

I like the game, it reminds me of cookie clicker. Unfortunately on my iMac it is near impossible to continue playing without reloading the game every couple of minutes.

thank for the spanish, but the game don't have a great end (in me opinion)

you changed import settings? I got to the point where I have 2 extractors, I have 1 evolution to go before ascending and it says the import is corrupted, I try the old import and I have no elements when I learned 110%of them in knowledge :( help please this wasn't here 6 days ago. I was waiting til I finished the game to rate but I give it a 3 because I am not starting this over. it took me 2 months o get that far...

NewProject responds:

I have not uploaded a new version for weeks
I send you a pm to email me your export.

Evolution? Giving god too much credit? Didn't the dude just do some voodoo magic and voila, earth as we know it?