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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Awesome! Please add the remaining elemeeeeeents :D

love this. Great idle game with science , 2 of my favorite things.

Love the game. I'm on the "raise one upgrade to max" task. How can you tell when an upgrade will be at max?

pretty good idle, probably near the top of the ones i've played. To Answer adyx question how do you 3.2mil, with storage of 3mil limit. make sure to purchase the "use two elements to make purchase" upgrade. it allows you to add the storage values of elements together. note it is possible to change the selected elements to others by clicking the arrow next to there slots in the botom right of the upgrade screen. if you have this upgrade make sure you don't unintentional select the no element.

nice game and all, but i really have a question: how the hell are you supposed to buy "Storage Max" upgrage which costs 3.2 mil while your current storage has a cap of 3 mil??? please anyone tell me how, cuz i rly like this game and im stuck on this little thing