Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Personally I enjoyed this game. I find that smooth electronic really blends well with this game.

Good game. I would like to propose a change tho. Once you dominate a atom make the name also show on the main page.
Other than that flawless game ;)

Great and complex game

Sadly game doesn't work at all for me.. I'm allowing Third-Party cookies and refreshed many times... Url was standard http :c
Game looks good from what i've seen with others.. Just doesn't work for me

Wow, took a bit to figure it out, but this is great. I bet this takes months to get everything, and its rewarding to idle. Could be a little more polished, but I understand, this is one complex game. Trying to get 5 in an element is too hard, maybe make it snap to the corners and center.. since that is all you can fit in an element anyway? 5/5 .. keep working on this one.