Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Wow, took a bit to figure it out, but this is great. I bet this takes months to get everything, and its rewarding to idle. Could be a little more polished, but I understand, this is one complex game. Trying to get 5 in an element is too hard, maybe make it snap to the corners and center.. since that is all you can fit in an element anyway? 5/5 .. keep working on this one.

Thanks, my gf loved it.

The 75 cutoff mark quest is insane.

One of the few idle games that has me coming back to play.

great game its my 2nd day playing and i think ill be playing till i complete all of this :3 cant really say its that addicting but for some reason it makes me want to keep on going :v probably gonna update this review every now and then :v