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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

There appears to be a bug in which whenever you have a "have x elements with y properties" quest and you buy an extractor it automatically completes the quest. As much as I like having free stuff, I would also like to complete these quests correctly.

NewProject responds:

I found it! I uploaded a new version.
Thanks for report it.
I hope you enjoy the game.

;_; Trying to import a saved game from before you fixed it to work on chrome, it is saying "Corrupt data" every time. I copied it from the other browser just now!

NewProject responds:

I send you a pm.

it bugs every time i click "new game", so i cant play...

I've used more than 3 different browsers and still nothing, can someone help me?

NewProject responds:

Can you explain the bug? (button do nothing, browser crash, visual problem, ...)
What's your OS and where you play? (pc, mac, ...)
pm me.

Nice, but it's a cookie clicker, however I admire you varied it up, the music assets and sound could've been better though.

- Tima

OH MY GOD... I accidentally vote "0" for this submission, I am sorry, very sorry for that... I like idles and this is great, the chemical elements are a nice touch. Ill try to make it up by giving 10 stars on my review. Please dont be upset. :)