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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I found it time wasting game and easy to forget what time it was but I recommend a time lapse thing so if you're AFK you can speed the game up and when you come back you can start buying stuff quickly

NewProject responds:

When you move the mouse over "save" button, you can see how many time you need to have full storage.
If you will be afk, look idle time.

Pretty good, but I can't get molecules to pop up on the "click a molecule" quest. Help??

NewProject responds:

While playing, in base game screen, every x time (some minutes) you can see a molecule. Click it.
This molecules that pop in screen give you a temporal production bonus.
You can't force to pop it or upgrade anything.

I made boobs

we're learning about the periodic table, and now im ahead of everyone in my class, THX

It's fun, time consuming, and educational! The tutorial was lacking slightly and left the finer points of the game to the player finding out on their own, but nothing too challenging. The music loop wasn't for me, so I just muted it and played Picoradio in the background, the bonds such as Carbon Dioxide, Water, Sulfric acid, etc. was a really good concept, however I can't memorize the key elements needed to make the bonds when ever the five minutes are up, so maybe a key that tells you what you need to make the bond would be a great idea.

NewProject responds:

Thanks for your report.
If you are talking about "evolution screen", you have a wikipedia button link on the left of each molecule.