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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Problem: When you drag an extractor right onto a menu tab, like say knowledge, then click the menu then go back. The extractor disappears. I'm thinking that it just went behind the button.

But now you can't get it back since your just clicking the menu and not the extractor.

Otherwise great game!

NewProject responds:

It's at top-left corner.
I will put a message in the next update.

Good game, it even has something strategic to it. But I dunno how I get those other medals, but I'll see in time. One thing I would've changed is the BGM. Maybe added more? So you can choose between, or you should've added a longer one so it doesn't loop that often. Either way you can always mute it ofcourse.

I really enjoy these "Idle" games, and the fact you have made this educational is commendable. The link to Wikipedia is great too. I wish more people made games that taught people something. Continue to expand on this. Thank you.

Amazingly addictive. I've been coming back nonstop for a few days now. my first load-up i spent over 4 hours without stopping :P I'm addicted, amazing game. That said the reason it doesn't have 5 stars is that it feels like somethings missing. I have no clue what it could be but the game feels almost... incomplete.

this game will more good if you give more speed, i dont even know when this game will end .
still we have not to missed to play this game