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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

In level 7 how do I get past the ''2050 u atomic mass'' ?

NewProject responds:

Perhaps you need to buy a new zone?

Not much to say here, an very Unique way to attempt an Idle Game, and learn at least a tiny bit about Chemistry if one cares, nice Idea and pulloff, rarely hit an Wall and the ones one encounters are quite well set in retrospective, only thing that could use an little Touch may be the Secrets they are veeeery Vague, so maybe an Idea of an Hint, so at least one knows a bit of direction were to look~

Apart from that awesome Game, keep it up! :D

Not sure how this bug occurred, but it now costs more to upgrade my storage capacity than my storage capacity will allow. Now what?

NewProject responds:

Not a bug!
You need to buy something, look other upgrades to find the solution.

Nice game but the leveling is sooooooooo slow i have been playing for forever and im still only in level 2

Problem: When you drag an extractor right onto a menu tab, like say knowledge, then click the menu then go back. The extractor disappears. I'm thinking that it just went behind the button.

But now you can't get it back since your just clicking the menu and not the extractor.

Otherwise great game!

NewProject responds:

It's at top-left corner.
I will put a message in the next update.