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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Any chance you could fix that little bug where the extractors go hay-wire if you try and put them close to another one? Otherwise as the game progresses it is quite interesting although not my favorite idle game ever.

NewProject responds:

In some levels you have a life bonus to reduce it.

If i AFK game is stil work?

NewProject responds:

If browser don't have focus, other tab, minimize, ... you get idle power (a % of production).

Is it normal that there is only a black screen?

NewProject responds:

If you don't see at least "New Project" and a loading bar, it's problem with ads.
This game don't need any plugin.

This is a good game. It's taken some brain power to figure my way around obstacles. It is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to learn the periodic table. (For school or recreation.) However I hit a bit of a snag that didn't seem intentional. On level 11, I had the objective "4 elements with boiling point > 5000 degrees C." Placing the extractors, I realize, only Tantalum (Ta) was registering for the objective. For example Osmium (Os) has a boiling point of 5027C. , and was not being counted. It displayed a boiling point just over 4000C. Oddly enough, when I logged in to mention this, the situation rectified itself. There have been several minor inconsistencies. Aside from this, quite fun. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of idle extraction. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

NewProject responds:

I'm checking why you see over 4000ºC in (Os). Melting is 3045, discarted. (Ir) have 4130ºC, perhaps you move a little to right the extractor?
I check if all positions in table are moved for some reason, but anyone tell me about this before.

Well, thanks for tell me, I hope you continue enjoy the game.

Great game, keeps me coming back for more. I like the way you do have walls you have to find your way around, without it being too frustrating.

One thing I haven't got my head around yet - why do different elements have such different collection rates? I've been trying to upgrade my knowledge on At for three days so far, with four extractors and the booster, but the extraction rate is about the same as for other elements with one extractor and no booster...
So I'll go and gather elements elsewhere, and come back whe gathering 5P is less of an issue, but why the huge differential?

NewProject responds:

Chemical: the price is based in Group and Period, more higher = more cost.

Gameplay: I want to put stoppers. So you, for example, decide sacrifice 3 days with 4 extractors to continue rising knowledge. Other people decide stop knowledge and focus in upgrades.