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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"


But... I have already unlocked Segregation in the game and Newgrounds didn't give me the medal... Do you know what can I do?

Well, again... This is incredible! :D

NewProject responds:

You try to click "newground icon" in main menu to check again medals?

It's like cookie clicker, but with an educational twist. Very addictive!

protip: noble gasses on the right never mix with anything. use them for exchange

Pretty fun. A little bit educational too :)

Also been wondering, is mutation another way to say "Failed" or does it actually change somehting over time?

Only real complaint is the music gets repetative after a while but other than that i like it.

NewProject responds:

mutation and rare gen are good for evolution success.
They don't change any over time.

You always can stop the game music.
In 10Mb I can't add any more...

This game could need a NewGame+ feature, once youve Ascended you could choose to start anew, with increased upgrade limit, the knowledge bonus% carries over.
Ive played 12 hours activly and 37 days idle.