Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Great way to kill time in the most boring class ever. Love it. I wish the molecules would stay up though, I can't always be right there to catch them.

I find this game to be great. I also found an interesting exploit to increase production. I know in the top it says alt tab was a way to exploit it, but It says that you fixed it... You however did not fix ctrl tab. I just left my mouse over an extractor and pressed ctrl tab. Came back 1 hour later after some facebooking and anime watching, and my Hydrogen was full.

Very addictive and interresting game here... Love the learning part as well as the simple gameplay! ... It's been... well I don't know how much time I spent (the game says 1 week but I believe it's more!)

This game is incredibly fun! I'd recommend it for everyone interested in science! :D

I confirm the Achievement is broken for me also. But the game is great!!!

NewProject responds:

You try click "newgrounds icon" in main menu?
You can pm me what you have done different to get the medal of Level 8?