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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

Great game, but got really tedious and pointless towards the end. like dates of discovery? really? come on. at least put something with some sort of trend or pattern, rather than forcing the player to move extractors from element to element trying to find the right one with nothing to go off of.

it seems like a good game from the reviews but my problem is that i can't even load the game explanation plz

NewProject responds:

Black Screen at start?
-Try clear your browser's cache (you don't need to clear the cookies).
-Try change the url: HTTPS <-> HTTP

If there is other problem, please explain it.

Brilliant! I definitely enjoyed it, the gameplay is quite fun, and the interface was aesthetically pleasing (to me).

Never seen a game like this, i like it :o

The unique, complexity of this game is astounding but take a little too long to actually start.