Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I showed this to my sience techer she loved it XDDD

I really like this game, as others have said it's a lot of fun and educational, and I love the element (no pun intended) how you instead of constant clicking, you hover the mouse over an element you want to build up dramatically.

That being said, I have a suggestion for a feature, in the "Knowledge" when I want to gain full knowledge of an element, I have to click about 50 fifty times to fill it out. To me, there should be a "+10" or something switch that'll let me fill it up faster so long as I have the required atoms. It would help speed that part of the game up about.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

One of the best idle games I played (or rather "idled") so far. It's pretty addictive and can be educational, too.

I like that there's so much to do here. Buying upgrades, selling molecules, evolving, gathering knowledge... it keeps the game interesting.

There's still a bug in the upgrades section, though: I cannot chose a different element to use for buying upgrades. The combo box is there, but whatever molecule I chose, the box ends up empty and the amount stays the same (indicating that it didn't change). It's a bit annoying when trying to farm molecules for the knowledge section.

Gets boring very quickly.

The moral of the story: I'm not God.

I finished the game in 2 years. Literally 730 days idle and 1 active.

Nice game and addictive. :D A few times I had to start over because the progress had lost. After these I found the export button. :)

I love the music which helps a lot to play this game for a long time.

Every upgrade has been done, every container is full, every evolution is done, every exam is done, I finished the game. But my universal rank is still 2. What to do?

The game is awesome. Not really educational but entertaining.