Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

The moral of the story: I'm not God.

I finished the game in 2 years. Literally 730 days idle and 1 active.

Nice game and addictive. :D A few times I had to start over because the progress had lost. After these I found the export button. :)

I love the music which helps a lot to play this game for a long time.

Every upgrade has been done, every container is full, every evolution is done, every exam is done, I finished the game. But my universal rank is still 2. What to do?

The game is awesome. Not really educational but entertaining.

love the game but medals aren't unlocking. I keep clicking the "check medals" icon but it only freezes the game after doing so. Otherwise it's a really great game and a nice take on the idle game format.

Nice but there are loads of medals and exams where I got no clue how to get 'em at all

I like and it teaches you something

I don't really like games that have only one appeal (being addicting.) i also don't like games with achievements that have no hints on how to get them (i'm looking at you ascension) so, i have to give it a fairly low score, but it gains points by being slightly educational