Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

A fun little idle game for the nerds, the chemists, and the bored.

The art could use an upgrade just for the sake of making the menus look a bit more polished, but the menus themselves are simple navigation, and I love the main background.

Admittedly my memory of 10th grade chemistry isn't the sharpest, so I made use of the wikipedia links in the game quite a few times. I found that it made the game more interesting though. It's not just a game but a learning experience along the way. I've already put over 12 hours into this, so I can only assume I'm going to be wasting quite a few more.

It's a great idle, incremental game. Some educational content. If you familiar with te periodic table of elements or have some affinity to chemistry this is a great game for you.
It would be better if challenges have get better descriptions.

Not really for me but pretty wicked!

Awesome game!

I Don't understand this.