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Reviews for "Idle Evolution"

I wanted to wait writing a review until I was completely done with the game. I've had so many problems with it (on my end) for a while it didn't load anymore, then I got a new computer and had to start over. Then I accidentally wiped my history so I had to start over again! But that didn't keep me from finishing this game, that's how awesome it is. I got all the medals, took some time, but so worth it! It's very awesome, unique and informative. Excellent execution, I wouldn't change a thing. Just the right amount of everything. I can honestly say this is one of my favourite games on here.

As someone who dropped out of highschool and couldn't tell you what even a quarter of the elements on the periodic table were this game has been and will continue to be a great learning tool for me

I absolutely love how this plays for an idle game was put into this... although I do have a few caveats that I believe need to be changed:

Remove the "idle" mechanic entirely. As someone who spend almost all of his time on the computer I simply pulled up a different browser window and left it running and never went into idle(the only reason it puts me in idle is if I am looking at a different chrome tab on the same window). Idle should only be for when you don't have the game running at all... Besides the not even 1% of your automatic is pretty much worthless... I'd think 33% is enough but you need some kind of overflow safety to stop you from reaching your cap... idk which is why I suggest just getting rid of it

The configuration is a little sloppy IMHO.. Why have the ability to move text around? shouldn't it be correctly set by default? and I don't see why you have anything besides Short scale... it's not as if we're opening up a calculator here. Import and export could also be in the settings couldn't it?

The extractors are clunky... judging by one of the life upgrades making this smoother you did this on purpose? I feel like it's an unnecessary cheese trick to stop people from stacking too many extractors. Just use mouse keys(number pad) set up to move 1 pixel per key press you can easily hit the max (no spoilers;) ) I suggest they snap into place or stop that jumpy clipping thing but hey it's your game...

The upgrades are nice but some of them don't make sense; for example the shorter rotation time for the molecules? I'm already three days into this game and I haven't planned ahead for the molecules I just get them as they change. Which isn't balanced well as I feel like you need to spend a lot on luck for almost no return...

I did like having different slots for elements to increase your purchases. However, it doesn't balance well with the amount of extractors you can buy if you are putting more than 1 extractor per element. Which, considering it's impossible to afford 1 extractor per element for most of the game also makes macro-management difficult to the point where you have to micro everything.. not very idle if you ask me.

Maybe you should add different sorting methods for the elements you use to buy upgrades with (EX. Exclude elements you haven't dominated in the knowledge tab).

The evolution point amounts per click... maybe I cheated but I have a macro key set to click 2500 times in 1 click I just used that... maybe you should give a bigger bonus for turning in points/atoms.

While I do like the life bonuses I think they shouldn't be set in stone that you should be able to switch between the two options for each evolutionary period completed. I can't be the only one who completely regrets most of his or her choices from lack of game knowledge, lol.

While I have no clue what a good alternative would be and I don't think it should be removed... the exchange is a bit pointless when you're constantly microing all your extractors. You get more atoms out of simply putting a bunch of extractors on the element you need, rather than spreading them out on elements you have dominated and exchanging them...

Eighth (and lastly lmao)
I really liked the knowledge tab in this it was sort of my overall goal just to have a complete periodic table but it's odd to me how some elements cost so much more to get to 100% perhaps they could be evened out a little more or at least have unlocking other elements be from a different method.

tl;dr Great game I'd change a few minor details but it's definitely something I'll be returning to for weeks

nice game :)

Personally I enjoyed this game. I find that smooth electronic really blends well with this game.

Good game. I would like to propose a change tho. Once you dominate a atom make the name also show on the main page.
Other than that flawless game ;)