Reviews for "A Day at the Library"

Its a lovely toilet. -CrazyDad

lol , best part : "point n click games will corrupt your spirit and soul"

The Crazy Dad games are probably my favourites. For some reason, they're one of the only ones I've played so far that I haven't needed to check the walkthrough for anything.

Your games were the reason i started getting interested in point n' click games again, its so interesting and it is a bit difficult to figure out what to do next, but that's what puzzles are for. Another job well done. And if some of you guys want to play games only using your mouse go to mousecity.com

The problem is not the game I got medal on first try.
the problem is newgrounds servers that don't register the medals....

I loved this game as well as all other DeathTiger0.
DeathTiger0 makes the best point and click games on newgrounds.
His games focus on exploring and adventuring instead of puzzles.
If I wanted complicated puzzle I would play one of those boring trapped games...
I want to have an adventure and see a story in an original way and that is what DeathTiger0 delivers.