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Reviews for "Horror Paintings Parodies"

Like this one quite a bit. The parodies are enough to make me crack a smile and a couple made me laugh. Appreciated that you included the original source material and made a game out of it. Some of the choices were a dead give away though, so I'm guessing that it was intentional?

Muy buenos... mi unica queja es que los archivos son muy pesados...
Trata de optimizar un poco las imagenes, por ejemplo,
prueba pasarlas a png y optimizarlas aqui: tinypng.com
luego compara el tamaƱo con las imagenes originales a ver que tal,
ojala te sirva... Saludos!

Really enjoying the series. One thing though, The Shining was a book written by Stephen King, not Stanley Kubrick. I'm guessing you meant Mr. Kubrick had a hand in movie the movie?
In any case, other than that, loving the series. =)

I like this idea. taking famuis artwork and adding a twist to it to test knowledge. the idea that you add joke awasers next to real ones is a good lifeline. at some point it ends up turning into memory after two or three play-thoughs but that is unavoidable. good on you thank you. the hidden stars are really something too. after three plays i still haven't spatted all of them.

This is Creepy LOL!! Not