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Reviews for "Horror Paintings Parodies"

you cant learn about paintings in a very funny way. the Parodies are very fun and interesting. the detail to the paints are very fun and cool

Like this one quite a bit. The parodies are enough to make me crack a smile and a couple made me laugh. Appreciated that you included the original source material and made a game out of it. Some of the choices were a dead give away though, so I'm guessing that it was intentional?

I got all 3 of the "stars" but i didn't get the key. Is this a glitch or are others getting this as well?

Munguia responds:

Thanks for playing and report, it should not happen, try again :)

the painting of a satyr holding toilet paper can someone tell me what this is parodying

Munguia responds:

it´s "the Faun" by Carlos Schwabe, you can check on new episode of Horror Paintings Parodies 2

Really enjoying the series. One thing though, The Shining was a book written by Stephen King, not Stanley Kubrick. I'm guessing you meant Mr. Kubrick had a hand in movie the movie?
In any case, other than that, loving the series. =)