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Reviews for "Horror Paintings Parodies"

aight i'm not gonna do the whole quiz, but that was very interesting! fun concept, atmosphere! I thought I knew a lot about art, but boy, was I proven wrong! I guess there's a lot more messed up artists you don't see in art history class....(on another note, medals are so fun to get....It had me going on for a while there :)

Well, this really is the hardest in the entire series. I know you're always making them harder. I can at least appreciate how good the art itself is. I just now noticed you can compare it to the original with that button on the side. You deserve half a star for that! The music is quite nice.

I especially loved seeing Gumball and Darwin in this. You showed good variety. It's a game that's at least easy to play. It doesn't take too long either. Congrats on your Daily Feature and Weekly 2nd Place!

Yet another wonderful game! Pease keep them coming! The only medals I couldn't find were "Art Saver" and "Hell Me Please".

Munguia responds:

Thanks for playing and comment SamTorbert, if you need any help check this video http://youtu.be/4x5DLnMpNLA, for "Hell Me please" just pick a wrong answer a end the game with 0 points, for Art Saver find 7 Hell paintings and then go to Heaven on Title Room. :)

I love the creations of the new grotesque natures of Halloween featured games here. And I really appreciate that you included the amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time in this game.

Munguia responds:

thanks Riveet099, you can check more parodies here in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJh6dhIV210

I got all 3 of the "stars" but i didn't get the key. Is this a glitch or are others getting this as well?

Munguia responds:

Thanks for playing and report, it should not happen, try again :)