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Can u do my idea?
Bug painting parody

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Love how you made learning about art interesting and fun, this could actually make learning about art interesting. Still haven't unlocked all the badges yet, but I'm working on it!

Another fun parody, and with a refreshing Halloween theme! Played through a few times to see the different ending screens. :) I like the added details in the background too, like how the skeletons eyes follow you as you make your choices, the decapitated head swirling around etc. Only thing that's not entirely new here is the music, seems they're not really themed for Halloween, but on the other hand it feels those melodies go hand in hand with all parts of this series, wouldn't be the same without them. Nice work!


Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play CD, im glad you like the series, i just cant stop drawing, :)

It didn't load for me.

aight i'm not gonna do the whole quiz, but that was very interesting! fun concept, atmosphere! I thought I knew a lot about art, but boy, was I proven wrong! I guess there's a lot more messed up artists you don't see in art history class....(on another note, medals are so fun to get....It had me going on for a while there :)