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Reviews for "Horror Paintings Parodies"

Quite a nice game. My only complaint is that the sound effects get annoying. Oh, and the music is annoying as well.

I got all the medals except for "hell me please", can someone PM me on how to get this?

Mungia, this time there is nothing left as: 5/5 for you.

This as fact written down: I'm still stuck at the key-screen (can't do anything but click the key and nothing happens (as i found the three pentagrams), but i also have 24 open medals, so i play
it again (and again! if needed to get all)

This time you must have had awesome fun doing this for us for Halloween, as i do see
humour and graphics even improved here.

i also loved the tiny bits like: Rolling eyes animation on that prisoned skeleton,
and: Some book-titles to confuse people (!) (i prefer this over music and movies,
as you can use this too "teach" / get some important titles in the minds, too.
(Although i had a big grin over Iron Maiden, heheh)

Would be nice to bring your work to more public, pal!
Just *too good* to not be known by a wider publicity. Maybe Art-universities orso,
there are *some* (!) possibilities!

As for now: *Thanks* - and i would like to thank again for an upcoming "christmas"
version of some pics, bet, you have this one already in mind. (and we all *would*
love to send something that clever and precious around to our loved ones and friends
for christmas.) Could be the best link to share in 2014. Nuff said, but: *Respect!* :)

because it does not load the game? the screen goes black

so many medals got get them all and also yay another painting game

Do you want some achievements points?
Learn history.