Reviews for "Lognes Island"

That was pretty good for a teaser.
It was just awesome.

yes make it it was like playing old games on consols realy good work man

Cool! You used the music Clint Eastwood from Gorillaz, right? Love this music :)

Please finish this, this was the first game i have truly enjoyed playing on Newgrounds in a long time, i really liked the music and sound effects, and the game felt nice, one problem is that it is too easy, which is very unlike NES games.

GuyUngerNL responds:

wow, that makes me happy to hear ^^
i didn't have much time to playtest it so the difficulty can be a bit off

From what I played so far, it was awesome Guy! If you choose to expand on this, I think it would be totally awesome to have a two player co-op version of the game where you play as the guy with the mustache in the beginning. I didn't really encounter many bugs for some reason, just one with the first doorway but maybe they pop up more often later? (Not sure why people are complaining about that) I also always found Megaman games really difficult, but liked the easier playability of Mario games, so this was a nice balance of the two styles. Great job man!

GuyUngerNL responds:

thanks frootza! glad to hear that ^^