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Reviews for "Lognes Island"

make the full game mother f*cker

nothing to new or interesting.
yeah, sorry but this wasn't really anything to interesting, its just kinda wallowing in mega man instead of taking that concept anywhere, basically ya an't no shovel knight, sadly not even close.

GuyUngerNL responds:

I assume shovel knight is made by a decently sized team over a few months time and this was only me in just over a week. not really a fair comparison

Ove(all awesomeNESs (hur hur) just dont like the music i personally love Gorillaz and that version just raped my eardrums close, but no cigar .......

the background song! clint eastwood! the future is coming on coming on coming on

Really cool game. The playable areas have got the NES feel down pat, but the opening sequence was a little too polished. My only major complaint is I wish I could control the character more when in the middle of falling.