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Reviews for "Lognes Island"

Really nice, i was getting hooked up, nice teaser.
I'd change the jump speed i think, it felt a bit weird, maybe i should try with a controller.
Also, to make it more NESsy, i would limit the amount of bullets on screen. For now you can just shoot your way through. Also, i'd make those bullets smaller, maybe slower as well.
Good job so far anyways, gl on the finished product

GuyUngerNL responds:

great feedback! wrote it down :)

Please finish this, this was the first game i have truly enjoyed playing on Newgrounds in a long time, i really liked the music and sound effects, and the game felt nice, one problem is that it is too easy, which is very unlike NES games.

GuyUngerNL responds:

wow, that makes me happy to hear ^^
i didn't have much time to playtest it so the difficulty can be a bit off

this game has some reused elements from other games. i had some fun with it and would like to see some more. you already explained this is a incomplete game so let me just talk about what is here and not what isn't. the grid movement is neat. it feels like the movement of the character is loose and the IA is slow to react. I would like to see the movements sped up slightly or to see more on screen. what you have is castlvania with megaman thrown over it. I think the boss intro was well programed and when this is done it should be really cool. keep up the good work please.

p.s. as for shovel knight since people are talking about it if i understand the history of the game it took several years to complete and it was a lone programer for most of the time it was under development

GuyUngerNL responds:

good feedback, wrote it down!
and that's pretty cool from that dev, that game looks awesome

Hey man, don't have a Twitter or Facebook but wanted you to know this game is really great. Been playing through hella NES games this year and this definitely feels Mega Man ish, lot of fun. Would love to purchase a full version, no doubt.

Song really reminds me of an 8 bit "It's Tough to Be a God."

Pretty good effort, I'll say. I'll like to see a full version, yes.