Reviews for "Lognes Island"

the song is clint east wood bygorillaz

Unfitting music, slippery controls,generic design and it's not that fun

this almost felt like a full NES game. this rocks. it has the distinct NES feel to it and it feels really fuckin' good. everything you see makes you learn from it easily, like the one part with two ladders, and you have to quickly jump off the first ladder and onto the second, you learn that, and never forget it! EVER! however there are a couple of minor flaws. firstly the difficulty. this IS only the first level, but it just makes the game design and feel seem like fuckin' shit. I took a couple of hits here and there, and that made me feel ok, but that didn't affect me like GRR it made me think oh, ok. that's pretty cool. and with most NES games, there are fuckin no checkpoints at all! this time they occur too may. maybe you can learn. I don't know this is just experience. secondly, and this one is very minor but the graphics don't exactly feel NES. whenever I play NES I always notice a little spot around the rim of a character, that looks glitch, but is only the actual game. if I could show a picture through this thing you'd, know what I mean. and also I found the colour scheme a little too vibrant and with not a lot of blue, and I remember that game designers strictly went to blue because there were more possibilities with is and a wider variety, and this game sticks to GREEN in the back ground because you were climbing a tree, I think? so that would've definitely been the most obvious goal, but what if you did like, little holes in the trees leaves that view the outside, and walking over to the edge of the screen views the actual edge of the tree, viewing the horizon? that would've been pretty good, but this is NES so I probably wouldn't expect it. lastly, the whole control scheme is downright meh. as AVGN said the jump and shoot buttons and the move buttons have been swapped, so I have to swap my hands around and get carpel tunnel. lol. but really, the Keyboard just doesn't feel like NES, it feels like a keyboard. I know that this is a keyboard, but what if you used the WASD keys to move and the < and > keys to use your stuff, it feels somewhat closer together, and it reverses Z, X and the arrows. but other than that I loved it. the music got fuckin' repetitive and shitty in like five minutes too, but that at least follows the NES style, and I mildly appreciate it. but other than that it fuckin sucks. especially with headphones. but everything else reminds me of the NES and I always love playing on it. this is inspirational and makes me want to make by own, but I don't know how to code very well, I can make an awful web-page and that's mostly it. whatever. Sincerely a 12-year-old critic. P.S I hope you found this Novel of a review helpful for development on the full game and I can't wait for the full game. this teaser was really awesome, and I hope you can use it for the full game. thank you for reading my crap.

GuyUngerNL responds:

thanks man, glad you enjoyed!
i don't know what you mean with that "little spot around the rim of a character". maybe you can PM me a link to a picture? would be nice :)
it is definitly more fun to play with a controller! i used a controller with mapped controls while i was working on the game
you can set up your own controls though! in the beginning or pause menu of the game
thanks 12-year-old critic, ill keep your suggestions in mind if I make a bigger version!


First things first. You deliberately gave the game bugs just to make it more "NES-y"? I'm not sure if you're aware, but nearly all of the most renowned games on the NES didn't have noticeable bugs. Deliberately adding bugs to your game using such a terrible excuse just seems like a lazy cop-out so that you don't have to fix them.

There isn't much to say about the game. It's just another iteration in the endless ocean of piss-poor Megaman ripoffs. There is nothing original about the concept or gameplay, which wouldn't be so bad if it was at least executed competently, but it wasn't. The unoriginality in the gameplay is only compounded by the fact that you literally stole all your sound effects from NES games and the music is an 8-bit rendition of Clint Eastwood by The Gorillaz. Do something original for a change.

GuyUngerNL responds:

some examples of these bugs:
-the NES pixel processing unit was very limited causing rendering bugs. in total only 64 movable objects could be shown on screen and in a verticle row only 8.
this made the sprites flickering when there were more than that maximum. I hardcoded this bug in the game (not 100% as it works on the nes as i said in the discription but I hope it still gives that same feel)
-when a screen was transitioning in megaman or castlevania it couldn't show the movable objects from the previous and next level so I also hardcoded in the game that it hides the sprites when it is transitioning into a new level

the only point of this project was to try to achieve an experience that feels like it's played on the real nes, using sounds from the original games helped a lot and I don't see why it would be a problem to use it. It's not like I'm making money from the game.

For me this game was just another experiment to explore something new in game development, I had to look into tons on NES games and read how the pixel processing unit functions, very educational stuff. I understand that you judge the game with standards of a full on indie game, but it's not what i try to present it as.

Love the concept so far. I noticed that if you fall off of a platform, if you haven't jumped yet, you can jump whenever in mid air. As this game doesn't have a double jump feature I'd remove this and make it so you can only jump while on ground or a platform. It was too easy to abuse this mechanic making the platforming exceptionally easy. Loved the duck hunt duck ;P