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Reviews for "Lognes Island"

It's fun. Movement is a little sluggish, but overall fun. I hope when you make the full game, you don't try to make 2D open world.

I like it. It feels like I am playing an old Nintendo game and it is fairly easy to control. I like the 8-bit Gorillaz.

I don't know why I love this game so much. It feels so original. The sound is nostalgic, the platforming is stupidly fun, and the controls are great. I don't say this much, but, this has to be my favorite flash game in a while. 5 stars out of 5 and 10/10. I'm gonna look into your games.

Good game, everything was fairly well done but there were a few problems. The verticle movement (while on the same screen, not moving on ladders) felt REALLY quick, almost too quick compared with the horizontal movement. The other problem was that the color pallet was more than what the NES allowed, if you used the NES pallet it would've felt more authentic.

GuyUngerNL responds:

I used both the NES color palette and it's limitations of only 4 colors per tile & moveable tile

This was incredibly inventive, playing heavily on my nostalgic side. I haven't done a review on this website in years, YEARS, and I've been here longer than the creator of tankmen, mr Johnny Utah himself, a friend luckily enough! This game made me sign in and give you 5 stars. I do think you should add a "Shoot above" option, maybe some diagonal if you choose but I'd be fine without. I didn't die during the teaser, but the difficulty was as I remember any NES game being; challenging at different paces. From certain jumps you can only make while shooting, to navigating the maze to find correct paths while looking for treasure, you feel that level of "don't die, there's no getting back to this spot"

My palms got sweaty, bro. that's a great sign! I'd love to see you make this a full game, and if you're looking for critical suggestions to make the game greater, inbox me for sure!

[May I also suggest a kickstarter, or even a place on steam early access to encourage your release of a final version by donating to you and playing builds of the game you release? Imagine the build up of playing a new chapter of the game...That's how telltale makes its money]