Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

I must admit, your games have been down grading for a while now. It's getting old that you can't make any more good games like you use to. I fail to see why would you would such lame stuff out when you can do a lot better. Regardless, you've lost me as a fan.

Stop it. Just stop it. Your work is getting worse and worse. You've lost all that you had. Just stop.

Graphics: 1/5
Gameplay: 1/5
Music and Sound: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

1 star, your old work was way better

what happened? did you stop wanting to make porn games? something happen in life to make you not want to make them?

if so, stop making them. make us remember you as a epic porn game maker, not some person that was good one time and then got shit/ solid out and starting making shit

You've lost it Vadim, you've lost it. :(

*Looking for Nyx*
Hey where's nyx?