Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

strict and is like an animation or video
Still a great game to watch!

there aren't enough girls or at least it could've used different positions for all the girls

The art's pretty decent this time and the detail in the animation (hair bouncing and stretching of flesh) is done well compared to what was done in the past. Overall movements in the animation are still kinda plain and weird. It's too smooth and static at the same time if that makes any sense...
I always like having a bit of story, to set up the game if anything. Especially if the intro is to get you in the mood ;)
So I guess i'm not a fan of porn gallery style "games".

i think you guys should switch back to the anime art style

Pros: Good artwork, decent animations on the girls, facial expressions on the girls during sex are very nice. Cons: Zombies were a bit stiff in the animation department, there are no sound effects, and it really isn't a game. It's a button clicker to get to the next animation sequence, I wouldn't call it a game.