Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

i've always wanted to fuck cattelya 5/5

I think the ones who are making these are boob fetish or something ...

Hey, really fantastic game (sometimes you make again thing like in the good old days). ^^

No real gameplay, no riddles, no mini games inside, only choose and fuck, perfect for the short moment. And I think with the choice of five women here, everybody find his personal taste ...

... we have black, white, American Indian, Viking Warroir, Japanese, Amazon - Gladatrix and even future Space milf. Big boobs and ... okay, not small, but, not so big boobs ^^ ... blond, dark hair etc.

... only not so fine, no audio (voice and moans) from the women here, just because the music. But for this, the bodies are in sweet motion and the faces (eyes) by the ladies show different passion.

Oh, and with one from these five ladies the "actor" game player figure he has no cumshot. ^^

All in all, a really good work, 5 stars how it deserve it.

Looks just like the actual show. Visually rewarding. Good Job

No cumshot for the titfuck??? :( Otherwise a pretty good game.