Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

the games that are awesome, m/f Detective/m/f kingdom. STAR MISSION mf ocean cruise are a lot more than fucking
even the m/f plumber had SOME story
upload better games, yo

thought it was gona be a game game not this lame kind of shit...

Three (relatively minor) beefs here. Or is that beeves??

1) There's not really any game element, is there? You just follow the instructions. (Only choice is who you want to take first, second, etc! :D ) Would be nice to have SOME options, if only ass or pussy, etc.

2) When ze tits get that much beyond medicine ball size, my cock starts to deflate again! Come on, make it real Vad!! :D

3) Ending ending ending!!! ~ if only a split screen showing him doing all five of them, some post-climax conclusion is always good. Come on, narrative! Some receipt after the moneyshots! :D

Oh, and 4) the titfuck DOES need a payoff too!

Having got that off my ... chest, it's brilliant in all other respects.

Atomic boobage aside (and that's just a matter of getting a little (or a big) out of hand ...), the drawing is great - smootchy curvaceous female anatomies, the really cute clits, the bints' facial expressions, widening eyes and gaping mouths (submission, surprise, the shock of orgasm - all fabulously done), the veiny prick - okay, it's as laughably thick as most of the girls' tits are humungous, but still! :D - widely parting the yielding, slobbery lips of their mega-juicy cunts (this is magnificent!). And the animation in some ways even better: the girls' bodies rocking and bucking as they are being fucked - and even the swinging of his proud cock badge! And the camera angles of their submission nicely different, too. In short, artwork second to none.

(Personal view on the beauty contest: Girl 4 (super captive doggy, with the wide spreading cunt and all the 'trimmings' of fantastic body dynamism and facial expressions such as the eyes and mouth of surprise delight and bracing in orgasm - I love that girl!) and then Girl 2 are clearly the best, in my view. )

If you could add some bit of story (!!), plus an ending (!), and go easy on those atomic bosoms (!), this would be five stars plus.

As it is, four for the great artwork involved, and the details praised above. It's all there, skills-wise, just need a bit more "enactment", if you see what I mean.

your games become worse and worse. congratulations!

Good, but sound effects that were well done would have made it better(plus the missing part being corrected).