Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

The quality of this is not really that good. It's just sex scenes and nothing else, and there's not even a cumshot during Cattleya's scene. You really should try and recapture the spirit of your earlier works. They were much better.

this is awesome! I don't care how down grading it is, its awesome! keep up the good work ;)

I must admit, your games have been down grading for a while now. It's getting old that you can't make any more good games like you use to. I fail to see why would you would such lame stuff out when you can do a lot better. Regardless, you've lost me as a fan.

Love the codpiece decoration, but this needs more interaction to be considered a 'game'. Content as provided might as well be a video.

I like the bit where he rips off the warhammer 40k music.