Reviews for "Queen's Blade Zombie Rush"

I gave it 5 stars SIMPLY because of the motherfucking super epic DAWN OF WAR SOUNDTRACK! SPEHHS MAHREENS! PURGE THE UNCLEAN!

strict and is like an animation or video
Still a great game to watch!

im going to put it bluntly your games are getting shit just keep to the meet and fuck games

This game seems to have very little effort put into it. No story. Very simple game play. One basic soundtrack over the whole game. It is nice to have a shortcut to the sex scenes but I would really like to see the game play that makes you try to get to the scenes. Maybe something like your successful series combined with this shortcut sex scene type deal. I don't know. I am at the point where I don't even want to play these. I just went through one scene hoping something would happen.