Reviews for "TUMOR: An Organic Glitch"

A new part every Friday to Halloween sounds like a cool idea! So far, I'm lost. When she woke up in wherever she was, the place with huge organs, I thought she was seeing herself in one of those Happy Coffins. Then when she found the shard I thought she was inside that girl in the hallway, then... I have no idea. Seems like it might be a world without reason, one where seeking explanations is a futile cause! Love the graphical style though, the pixels, the melodic pitches for voices, it's all masterfull! Looking forward to next Friday!


Clockworkpixel responds:

when she falls down the hole and it shows the caskets thats a cut away like a "meanwhile" kinda thing sorry if I didn't make that clear enough :( I was alittle worried people would get confused in part 1 but hopefully part 2 and 3 will clear things up.

Awesome work. At no point was I not unsettled. I'll be looking forward to part two.

Clockworkpixel responds:

awesome (: thanks

"Is standing with you, standing with an angle that does you cant see my face, its blocked by the hat"

You: .... You okay.... "Dodges a organic whip from the darkness"

Me: ........ "Twitches"

You: Come on! Dont say youre infected "Aims gun"

Me: "Looks up, but there is no face"

You: "Pulls back stiff"

Me: These.... tumors...... LETS GET THEM...... and with us i mean you.... you see.... "Points on floor and is stuck"

You: This is the exact opposite of what you did to me last year... leaving me in that cave...

Me: Okay sorry!

You: Bye........

Me: "Grabs gun"

You: Dont do anything stupid---- "Has hands up"

Me.... "Stares without eyes, then uses gun to get free"

You: oh.....

Me "Gets face and glasses back" Time to go... NOW "Points at giant tumor"

Here i just thougth.... "If he can do it, i can too (Making a story)"

And there is the refrence from last years comment from me to your other video..... The Siren..... Muhahaha....

Clockworkpixel responds:

haha was a damn good read my friend

Haha its kinda hard to feel sympathy for her after she killed the baby fetus and crawled out of that artificial womb.

The music was great it helped to develop the atmosphere of the whole thing perfectly.

Clockworkpixel responds: