Reviews for "Fort Fight"

The graphics & voice acting in the intro show a lot of work went into this...

Sadly, the game bugs, replays the intro endlessly, goes darkscreen when I click the instruction button... and seeing as I'm using the latest Firefox, I'm pretty sure it's not the HTML5 implementation, it's your code that's the issue.

I recommend testing your work on more than 1 machine, and in several browsers on each machine, before posting.

Better luck next time.

1 star for the voice acting and the humor at the beggining but god the soundeffects are bad. I don't if it was intentional but pls ameliore it.

Is this a game or a flash movie? jeeez... after watching the "intro", guess what, it went right back to play it again.

Doesn't meet standards at all, the space it allows you to fly is so limited in addition to the sensitivity of the controls such that you don't even get the feeling you are in a plane.