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Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 9"

Working buttons at the end of the video?! You've won me over again!
You still need a bit of general practice but you're improving, something I'd like to see is a bit more background detail. The madness scene seemed a bit rough as well.

looking back on the past ones made me realize, you sir have come quite a far way, both your animation and drawing skilles have improved alot, and i still can sense they will get even better, my only advice atm is to get a lil texture in, make the ground look like you can see blades of grass,and mabye lil things like the tree's leaves shaking in the wind. I ca not wait to see how much further you can go, and where it all leads in the end, keep up the work bro!

OMG it was sooooo gooooooddd :D it was well worth the wait. i really like the new voice actress, i think she makes the character more than just a raging loony, she can actually be goofy and i like that about this show. its characters actually have arcs to them. Pv was hilarious as usual and roods voice actor fits better, i think his delivery is a lot smoother now. if you're going for the gravely voiced big tough guy it has to sound natural, forcing it makes it worse. so overall the series has pulled a "started from the decent now we here!" its nice to know one of my favorites series hasn't died and is still getting better.

guitan11 responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback. we really appreciate it :3

good job

The selective voice acting is weird but the episode was interesting and animation was pretty good.