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Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 9"

Very funny and creative,it gives you the feel that the caracters are alive.
Good job.

Woo, another great one! Still sounds like the volume's are a bit unbalanced on the different characters dialog (and sound effects proportionally too loud) but apart from that, it's another great one! Fun, violent, everything it needs to be. Looking forward to the next part!


wow... this has got to be, one of THE MOST-WELL-DESIGNED stick movie of ALL TIME.
what an amazing design of the stickmen, both on their ''average'' style, aka, the simple stickman looks, and the ''epic'', realistic, humanoid stickmanesque look of them.
rood's (the red stick) face and body had extreme detail, and he had wonderful anatomy on his muscular build.
the black stickman, on the other hand, had an excellent display of an ''average'' body, without too much muscle, or any strength signs on him, thus showing us that he indeed, cannot fight...
white-head stick had an extremely simple style, but his expressionless/emotionless face, and his epic (lol speaking by memes) talking bubbles, in addition with his extreme skills in battle, make him a mysterious, and interesting character to watch.
as for the girl of the group, she is confident, smart, good in battles, and i saw for the first time ever, that she has some nice stickgirl boobs/butt/anatomy! AWESOME! lolz! :D
i also liked how she watched and smiled at the viewer when she was flying in mid-air.

very good cast of heroes, and well designed characters overall.
but i must add, that the villain of this episode was well designed as well. (the white stick with the straw hat).
he had excellent stature (for a stick) sweet fighting moves, and a quite honestly, awesome design/fighting/everything in his favor.

in the conclusion, i must alos add that the backgrounds, the face expressions, the bodies, and the fighting scenes, (in short: everything), were amazing in this movie.
it also had funny jokes and cool moments.

truly, a flawless stick-movie, with all the elements of an epic stick-film....
please do more, this is a great adventure, and you just won a fan, my good sir. your skills are superb....

more plese

The thing altogether is very well put together, good story, nice and smooth animation, good humor and everything's great.

Possibly the only thing I could nitpick on this would be that I don't like Rood's style of voice. He seems (At least to me) to be a forced voice like the white stick but he seems like a demonic type entity so that's just a plus unlike with rood who shouldn't have that type of forced voice in my opinion.

All but Rood are excelent and other than that there's one more thing... Boob jiggle... That awkward up and down movement when Rosa was falling wasn't good.

Third and last bit of very harsh nitpicking would be to reduce the volume of any possible screams or very loud actions by a bit. I was listening on one tone and it's all fine but the scream when black screamed during the fall was an ear rape since it was so high pitched (How it should be. As it should be louder and as death scream filled as it was but since I have headphones I'd like to avoid earrape.)

Anywho, everything I said is just nitpicking and doesn't really affect the final outcome of the obvious score as this is a fantastic piece of work.
(Also, stick to stickfigures. Leave madness to other people. (No offence))

Final Verdict 5/5