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Reviews for "Stickman Can't Fight 9"

I knew it! Black can use all three atributes! And he is the opposite to white. Black can toughen his body up, manipulate air and uses a hula hoop as a weapon while White can fly/levitate, manipulate earth and uses a katana. Now I want to see them both fighting against each other as soon as Black discovered his full potential! But there is no need to rush this, let him fight the other two guys first, followed by him finding a way to get up to the masters place.

OMG it was sooooo gooooooddd :D it was well worth the wait. i really like the new voice actress, i think she makes the character more than just a raging loony, she can actually be goofy and i like that about this show. its characters actually have arcs to them. Pv was hilarious as usual and roods voice actor fits better, i think his delivery is a lot smoother now. if you're going for the gravely voiced big tough guy it has to sound natural, forcing it makes it worse. so overall the series has pulled a "started from the decent now we here!" its nice to know one of my favorites series hasn't died and is still getting better.

guitan11 responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback. we really appreciate it :3

Begginning part is always the best.

THAT WAS AWESOME :D Now i cannot wait to see Black fight the other dudes!

Now all we need is a RHG with black n others XD

"Is finally out of Madness, cross the line and is happy no longer to be in madness"

Me: YES!

"Realizes im now a stickman"