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Reviews for "Destiny is Fabulous"

I can't quite say what's so great about this. I'll just this; it's funny as hell. I love the part where the one guy says "Oh God!!! It's the fucking Awoken!!!". The Guardians are just going through a chest full of stuff while everyone is getting slaughtered. It's great all the way through. Great effort Flashgitz. Good effort.

This gave me a chuckle, I like the other version even better though I like the ending with the chief crying on the Fallen's shoulder.

Xbox, smash! xD
Your art style reminds me of Harry Partridge (->Starbarians).
I thought you will make a joke about the loot cave and the gay heros ... you know what i mean? :P
Loved this animation - I'm looking forward for your next Parody.

Yeah well halo got ruined, and I think bunjie had enough of xboxes shit so they made destiny, and think God. The only problem is stupid dlc bullshit.

lol but the only awoken that should really be parodied is the reef queens brother he is an asshole pls parody him next no destiny fan likes him :P