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Reviews for "The Dojo Collab 2"

Eyyyyy, it's on NG now !
I laughed my a$$ off when I saw that intro. Also, how can PLasmaghost be so good.

With love from the Dojo~


Very inspirational and impressive!

I just found this in my feed and I really don't know what to say. This is really incredible. You've put together a GIGANTIC assembly of artists - most of these people I don't know, but I was surprised to see animators like Domics making an appearance when the dojo started as a pretty niche FluidAnims thing. The proportions of this animation were on par with TopStick, what with all of the different animators involved, the difference here being that this is actually a collab.

For whatever reason, this made me really, really miss Luccas. For all of the fullbody animation and flawless particle effects here, I didn't see a lick of 3D animation and I get this gut feeling like he's the last missing piece in this collab, even moreso than Phil.

Not sure what to say other than that this is mad impressive. Though, I really didn't care for the music. Thumping techno beats have always annoyed me and they seem to have become more common in Stickpage/FluidAnims animations as of late. Call me old-fashioned but I miss the use of X-Ray Dog and nu metal from animations of the past.

Loved the music and the animation =)