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Reviews for "Arlulu"

Very much Enjoyed



Sevanimation responds:


Really enjoyable

Well if you really improvised the melody you really have good improvisation skills - I loved the melody especially in the beginning.

The whole track was really enjoyable and kind of relaxing. I see a tendence on the AP's classical section that a lot of artists are starting to submit a lot of music like this: a solo piano piece. And they getting better and better.

Like yours. I don't really have any negative critics with this track. Nice and relaxing piece with good chrod progression - congratulation!

Sevanimation responds:

Ha thanks for the positive critique!
Just so you know, "Arlulu" is the word for "water" in an aboriginal language, somewhere in the Australian outback (I learned that in school XD)

The intention of the song was for it to sound like water going down a gentle stream, and suddenly it gets thrown into a lake/ocean near the end as I repeat the original idea, only with more emphasis and elaboration.


The chord progression in this piece is a really swift and gentle one. I listened to this piece for hours while doing some programming work, and truly it just fills up the silence, and serves as a great ambiant, bittersweet type of song. Kept me focused so top marks for you!

The melody itself flows very well, is this a real piano? You will have to forgive me, after using library after library of synthesized instruments (many of which sound too real), I tend to forget whats real and whats fake :P.

Anyways the song's structure is top notch some ideas (I don't know if you are using any programs like Fruity Studio's, Reason, or CuBase, but I wanted to suggest them anyways).

I can hear a deep cello and high pitched violin going off with this piano, the cello's would play the chords, the violin would play the counter melody with the piano, truly it makes for a great image.

In any case, it is in fact a very powerful song. 5/5 for you Sevanimations, keep them coming!

Sevanimation responds:

Hey thanks for the great review!
Yes, this is a real piano, well actually it is my keyboard.

Thanks for the suggestion about the programs, I will check them out.